Michael Villalon

Specialization Coach — TLE — Electricity and Electronics

Truly a lifelong learner, Coach Michael has a string of academic accomplishments and continues to pursue higher learning. He has two bachelor degrees: one in Marine Engineering (TUP) and the other in Industrial Education major in TLE (University of Caloocan). Likewise, he has a double Masters: a MAEd major in Education Management and a MAE in Technology and Livelihood Education and he will soon finish double doctorates. He is currently writing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Development Education and is in his 4th year as a Juris Doctor student.

Aside from these, he has a diverse range of certifications from TESDA including a Trainer’s Methodology 1.

Currently, he is a full time Master Teacher 1 at the Lagro High School, a part-time Associate Professor 1 at the University of Caloocan City and a TESDA Assessor for TESDA CAMANAVA.

When not studying or teaching, he prefers to spend time at home with his family rather than going out. No doubt about it, his favorite leisure pursuit is learning new things through formal, informal or non-formal ways.

He has been a LET TLE coach at MindGym for the past four years until the present at the RevYou Hub. He makes learning Electronics and Basic Electricity workable even for teachers who barely know what are circuits, sytsem diagrams and the Ohms law.