Why join RevYOU?

High LET Passing Rates

Review for your exam with resources made by a power team of LET-seasoned top coaches. Our coaches have inspired for the past 20 exams (through then MindGym Inc) 138 LET topnotchers, and over 9,000 first-timers (86% to 96%) and repeaters (75 to 80%) to pass the LET.

Updated and exclusive LET review materials

Practice with regularly updated items to mimic the current actual LET. (*RevYOU Hub’s workbooks are currently not available for public sale. Only enrollees get a chance to use our LET workbooks prepared by our content development coaches.)

Authentic LET Preparation

Be empowered by coaches who are topnotchers, high-raters, and experts in their field of specializations. Majority of our coaches are from UP, other state colleges/universities and top private universities. Since they have all experienced the LET, they have infused their coaching with tried-and-tested review techniques, not only content knowledge and applications.

Meaningful and Timely Feedback

Receive insights on your strengths and weaknesses. Our reviewees experience answering practice items mimicked from past LET within time limits. Pretests, formative drills and post-tests are given to allow reviewees to know their strong and weak areas and make the necessary changes in their preparation, to keep on track of their LET goals.

Warm, caring family atmosphere in your LET journey and beyond

Using technology and creativity, coaches will endeavor to maintain close contact and meet the coaching needs of reviewees through print, email, and social media. Amid the pandemic, reviewees may continue to expect fun, light, and memorable LET preparation 🙂

Proven Way to LET Success

RevYOU Hub’s LET coaching course is an improved version of the MindGym family’s past 10-year intensive LET coaching. As the new center’s name implies, this 2020 we are revved up for empowering aspiring teachers to meet their LET goals in the context of the new normal ~ while instilling the value making a difference as a family of teachers.

Meet Your Coaches

Alice Gaddi Roselo
Education and Business Director
(2008 September LET)

Melane Manalo
Top 3 (2010 Apr LET)

Brian Martin Sioson
Top 5 (2015 Sept LET)

Senen Niño Pineda
Top 6 (2014 Jan LET)

Joanne Mejia Ilog
Top 10 (2012 March LET)


I am a product of wonderful and kind coaches of MindGym Philippines, now RevYou Hub. Naniniwala ako that everything will evolve and revolutionalize. And that is what RevYou Hub is now. Nagevolve, at isa sa mga nangunguna sa paglinang ng mga soon-to-be-professional teachers. Hindi madali ang naging buhay ko sa KaMaynilaan during my review days with them. Malayo sa pamilya. Tipid lagi, dumadating sa punto na makikihingi na lang ng snacks sa katabi, but they made it easier. Believe me, this review center is your family. Alam nila kapag pagod ka na. Alam nila kapag nagugutom ka na. Very interactive ang review sessions (at masasarap ang food prizes and snacks! ?). Public school teacher na nga pala ako ngayon, at may itinayong non-profit organization, rooted sa pinaniniwalaang values ng RevYou Hub at MindGym— kindness and love. All these will not be possible kung hindi dahil kina Coach Alice, at iba pa naming review coaches. Hindi ka nila papabayaan. Pati rating mo sa LET. Instant 15 points agad sa DepEd ranking sa sobrang taas. I miss them so much!!! ❤️ KYLE DAVID V. ATIENZA, LPT RevYou Hub (MindGym) Baby 2018

My prayer is that this center would go nationwide so that the Visayas and Mindanao will get a taste of the best Review Center in the country. 8 out of 10 sa table namin pumasa, not just pumasa karamihan sa table namin 80+ ang score. This is not your typical review center that will only make you answer questions that are bookstore available. This center will summarize your 4-year college learnings. Literally. The best part is you will have a new family too. When I decided to take the board exam, I was only expecting to pass but I got a score that gave me an edge to pass the RQA. I’m now a public school teacher in Makati. Thanks to the coaches!

Syf Dalaig Batabor, LPT

MindGym, now, RevYOU Hub really helped me passed the LET. Considering that I was working as a full-time ICU nurse at the Phil. General Hospital while having my review every Saturdays. Sobrang relaxing ang review. The review process is really amazing. Para talagang nag gygym ang utak as what the name of the center denotes. Napaka approachable ni coach Alice at ng ibang mga lecturers. They are really experts in the field. Namiss ko mag mind-mapping at mag memory exercises. Namiss ko din ang kantahan at videoke times. Iba tlaga ang approach dito. One family.

Dennis Gonzales Guran, LPT, RN

Highly recommended! It helped me boost my confidence in taking my LET last 2016. It also helped me pass the LET with just one take. Nakatulong lahat ng drills, books and even the handy LETers’ choice warm-up book na dala dala ko kahit san ako magpunta, and above all, magagaling ang mga coaches and Mo/am Alice is an inspiration to us all, to do our best and never stop learning even after reviewing at MindGym. They are an advocate of lifelong learning! Ooops! Not to forget, we are like family while reviewing there, we can be comfortable reviewing, they would usually offer cold water in case you ran out of water so no need to buy bottled water outside ? or even hot water if you need it to make coffee or eat noodles to keep you awake and alive during review sessions! The best home to every LET takers!

Hannah Jade Nueva, LPT, 2016 LET

I am very fortunate to have chosen Mindgym now, Rev You Hub as my review center.
Just a few days during the course of the review, I experienced the guidance of a family, as I had been well taken care of, and I never had the feeling of being left behind. They are accommodating, helpful, and excellent when it comes to motivating you as an aspiring professional teacher. My knowledge has been refreshed by the brilliant coaches headed by ma’am Alice Gaddi Roselo, founder of the review center. I thank God and the team of Mindgym, for fullfilling my dream as a professional teacher. For me its Mindgym now, Rev You Hub or nothing.

Joselito Cuenca Sanchez, LPT

I took the LET several times before I researched online and observed internet groups with the need to find the “best LET review center” when I found MINDGYM (now RevYouHub) and the MyReviewCoach (MRC) online LET review. I found Coach Alice very accommodating. She answered all my inquiries, sent review files on time and encouraged me to attend the MindGym 3-Day Power Coaching at UP Diliman which I did. I was greeted on the first day with a nerve-racking LET mock test. The next two days were fun days of meeting fellow reviewees and also coaches of MindGym. Knowing that there were just a few MRC reviewees, Coach Alice warmly welcomed me, tapped my shoulders, and made me feel at home. When the 2014 LET results came out, sadly I failed again; so I decided to personally enroll at live sessions of their review in early 2015. I loved how MindGym took care of me and the rest of my co-reviewees. I found writing my target rating in the LET Warm Ups book empowering and holding hands with each other as we sang the day’s closing song, very memorable.. Coach Alice encouraged me to focus more, never give up and keep my fighting spirit. I met new aspiring LPTs who became my friends, my brothers and sisters under Mommy Coach Alice’s care. I took the 27 September 2015 LET and prayed that it would be the last time.. And Glory to God, I passed the LET! Among the coaches, my beloved Coach/Mom Alice was the first one I shared the good news, after my immediate family and closest friends.
I am truly grateful that the Lord led me to MindGym where I found not just the best review center with outstanding coaches but a home beyond the LET, a second mother for life (in mom coach Alice), and many brothers and sisters in teaching. I will forever be a MindGymer, a lifelong learner, a teacher aspiring to make difference.

Lourbie Galleon, LPT

Through the years

Yes, I can! Yes, I will! — These were my mantra during my undergrad years. I believed that I need a support group to achieve my goal to be a topnotcher my college have been waiting to have. I was just in 2nd yr college when I started looking for the best review center. I found Mindgym. I and Mindgym have the same in mantra in life. I already knew then that it’s Mindgym that I need. Aside from its super affordable (I only paid 6500, its 8k -1k for early bird-500 for barkada discount) all in review (coaching session w review materials and super comfy review place plus discounts), it really is the positive and motivating vibe that attracted me to enroll. I must say, I made the right choice. I learned different test taking techniques, different teaching strategies. I am a living proof that its always better to ‘aim high and fall short’ than to ‘aim low and fall shorter’. I may not have topped the LET. But I was able to have an average of 88.2 making me a high rater. I may not be a topnotcher. Still, I passed the exam. My advice is, always give your best, your everything. Never ever be a mediocre. It’s better to have fought and lost than to surrender and lost and not even win without trying and merely relying on luck. During the exam, I never did anything superstitious, just pray!
To end this, first, surrender everything to God, believe in yourself, exert all your effort, and get the best support group, enroll to Mindgym! I must say, Yes I did! Thanks po for always believing!

Kristine Joy Mamangun

A mere 5 Star is not enough to describe how powerful my coaching experience with my Mindgym Family is.
They try to help you individualize your learning by letting you explore some strategies for learning reading comprehension, tips, mental aerobics, mindmaps and more!
These were evident things during the review:
— A family ambiance where you get to know your table mates as they encourage you to ask for help. I know that I’ve made close friends while reviewing.
— A coaching room with pleasant smell. There are many souvenirs!
— Up-to-date coaching materials, well designed workbooks, strategic content (containing LET sensitive items) . I have at least 3 workbooks, 1 leter’s Choice book, at least 15 module drills from different sessions! Sobrang sulit! They are also updating every coaching season!
— Diagnostic Exam helped me aim for the best!!
— How many questions came out last Mar 2018 that were tackled at Mindgym? For GenEd, there are at least 110 items. For ProfEd, at least 60 items, for my Specialization (Biology) at least 80 items — That is a big advantage!
— When you are in danger, they are here to save you — They host enrichment programs for Gen Ed and Prof Ed and you can organize it for free or with a very minimal monetary amount.
— Final coaching program is simply the best! Best content and pointers!!
— Coaches were topnotchers! And they give their best when teaching! They answer your queries online.
— The LET Facebook Group is very helpful! =)
I can’t wait to see you Future LET passers! I can’t wait for the day that other Mindgym branches will be opened to help teachers PASS AND TOP THE LET

Ivan Aguilar, LET high-rater

Google thinks you are the best LET review center in the Philippines. I’m glad I went with my search results. ? MindGym indeed is the best review center for LET. Passing the LET means so much to me.. so much more than words could ever express. About 17 years ago, when we were living in Iceland, I read a quote (framed and hanged on a wall) that said “It is never too late to be what you might have become.” So, I decided to go back to college. It’s been a long, windy and bumpy road but I made it. I’m late in the game.. my batchmates in high school who became teachers have been teaching for about 20 years now, but here I am, I’m just starting my own journey. But it is not too late. Dreams do come true. Mind Gym helped make my dream come true. Thank you, Coach Alice and the MindGym team.. with all my heart, I am truly grateful.

Glenda D.

I had a life-changing experience with MindGym! I like the energy and positivity.❤ It’s more than just head knowledge or intellectual training. The coaches inspired us to never give up hope but to aim higher, dig deeper and dream bigger because great things are ahead! I was challenged and motivated to live beyond myself and my comfort zone. It’s not a smooth-sailing LET journey, but it’s all worth it. Thank you so much, MindGym! ❤❤❤

Nica Aceder

Best Review Center for LET! i love all my coaches and mam alice! lahat mababait at masasayang kasama! they treat every reviewee as a part of their family!

Joy Fuentes-Canua

MindGym Philippines is a caring and fun place to review for the LET. They have dedicated coaches who are determined to help you succeed, not just to pass, but to top the LET. They cover not only content but also test-taking skills and study/memory techniques through lecture and lots of drills. They incorporate a holistic approach, giving importance not only to your intellectual, but also to your physical, emotional, social well-being in the way they conduct reviews.

Theresa Sy-Chua, Top 8 2016 Sept

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience. I truly felt the love that you have for all of us. The coaches coach and mentor with a heart. It isn’t just about knowing the technical stuff, what impacted me most is how you coach and train us holistically. Your approach is not about knowing the right answers to the most difficult and challenging test questions, it is about having the wisdom to discern the most acceptable answers. Thank you very much for everything. The journey may be arduous but you guys made everything worthwhile. I have come to believe that not all wanderers are aimless. You have made all of us view the world beyond the picture…beyond the image. Thank you all.

Jace Gold

The coaches do not only give us more than enough information but also inspire us to reach beyond what we set.The vague becomes vivid.The hard becomes easy. They do not feed us knowledge. They teach us how to feed ourselves with the knowledge. Whenever I join review classes, it seems like I don’t want the days to end. Above all, they enjoy sharing their tons of positive forces for us to be always on the side of positivism.

Jessica Cagulada

Sa Mindgym hindi ka lang nila tutulungan mag Top 1, tutulungan ka rin nilang maniwala sa self mo na kaya mo! Sa katulad ko na mababa ang self-esteem napaka-helpful ng mga words or mantra na YES I CAN! And YES YOU CAN! Everytime na sinasbi ko ‘to naffeel ko na kaya ko talaga! And YES I DID IT! Last Sept.2016 isa ako sa mga nakapasa, THANK YOU SO MUCH MINDGYM, THANK YOU COACHES. ??

Kris Alfuerto-Alvarez

On our online review program

I am very thankful and emotional that my daughter-in-law Shearmen Mae Diaz Gamboa has finally passed the LET exams (March 2018) and we owe it all to your very efficient and tried and tested method of teaching, coaching and imparting of knowledge to LET aspirants like Shearmen and I. We shall be forever grateful that your coaching met hods have paid off and the likely example is Shearmen and I who lost all hopes of ever being a LET passer, until you came along into our lives!Again, from the bottom of our hearts, Shearmen and I will always be a prou d and happy student/member/alumni of Mind Gym and we shall always pass this information to anybody who would care to listen that: Mind Gym is the only review center in the Philippines that will push you and make you into what we all want to be – a certified LET passer and future tea cher!To God be the Glory!Much love from us to you,Zegrid Brandes and family (LET Batch Sept 2013)

MindGym’s Online Review – MyReviewCoach is truly an answered prayer for me. Though I didn’t have much time to review because of my busy schedule, almost everything I need to have the confidence to take the LET were provided by Mindgym – Drills, Testimonies, Encouragements, Tips and competent, caring and committed coaches. I am not an Education graduate and I was assigned by PRC with a major (Mathematics) that I definitely don’t like but MindGym made me love math atleast for a while ? and I made it ofcourse by God’s power and providence. It is my prayer that God will allow them to have regional review centers specially in Batangas City. I highly recommend MindGym.

Doria Macalalad-Guillo

All in one..Home of the topnotchers..❤loving,respectful and dedicated coaches..❤❤they always do it by heart that’s why they reap the sweetest harvest..❤❤❤ I love mindgym the BEST ONLINE review center..Where ever you are,YES YOU CAN!! -HONGKONG LOVES YOU-

Girjen Cruz