Equip Your Students with this Trait to Prepare Them for Life

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One of the most important lessons you’ll ever teach your students isn’t the one you have written last night in your lesson plan.

It’s courage.

This doesn’t mean that the lessons you teach to your class, like math and science, are irrelevant. These too are of great importance to equip them in becoming the future leaders, builders, and healers. But more than the academic subjects, there is more to life than graded recitations and examinations.

Life could impact your students hard no matter how intelligent or skilled they become. And for that, we ought to equip them with courage.

It is said that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the ability to act in the presence of fear.

This is not a call for you to hide behind the facade of seemingly being fearless or undefeated. Nor is this a call for you to always wear the brightest smile even with the deep wounds you hide.. This is a call for you to exemplify courage, as you teach students to be courageous as well.

Life has many uncertainties that young minds may not be able to understand. At times they may seem rebellious, but remember you too were once at their age. While they may seem confident that they can conquer the world, you know for certain they are yet to face many challenges in life.

When tough times come, tell them it’s okay not to know the answers when things doesn’t go as planned. That it’s okay to have shaking hands and teary eyes when facing obstacles. That it’s okay to admit that they need help and to ask for it. Reminding your students that the need for someone to lean on for strength is courage, too.

It will be a challenge to teach their young minds and hearts what courage really is, but remember that:

You know how it feels to be crippled with life’s everyday demands.

You know how it feels to muster the strength to wake up to a long and busy day.

You know how it feels to have questions unanswered especially with tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Know that you are admired, dear teacher, for wrestling through in the midst of fear, for pressing on not only for yourself but for your students who look up to you for wisdom and strength.

When you create your lessons plans, remember to pray for courage not only to teach but to model as well.

You are courageous.

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