Create Your Work-Study Nook at Home

The onset of the pandemic has forced us to work-study most of the time at home. Since not all of us can say that we’re in “the comforts of our own home”, here are tips to create your own personal work-study nook to make your shift to the new normal more productive, comfortable, and fun.  

1. Find an area in your house with good lighting.

A well-lit nook is a good nook for work and study. It will make work more comfortable and lighter.  Find a spot in your home with ample lighting. One that is not too bright nor too dark for your activities.

A well-lit nook may be a place with a wide-open window to let natural light in or one with lighting fixtures that emit just enough brightness (measured by lumens in light bulbs) that you need. Having just the right brightness protects you from eye strain and makes you more productive even if you work long hours at night.

2. Lessen Distracting Things

Is the area frequently used by members of family? Or, commonly accessible to passers by?

Is it near the television or the washing machine?

Is the area surrounded by eye-sore stuff?

Is it close to the hustle and bustle of a busy street?

A good nook should have lesser to no distractions. This will help you focus and enhance efficiency in accomplishing your tasks. You will not want any chatter, noise, or clutter to distract your train of thought.

Our 2020 reviewee Kriz Tuazon purposely chose this corner in her room because it’s quiet and doesn’t face any distracting areas.

3. Personalize Your Nook

Not everyone has the pleasure of having an ideal work-study nook to start with, but with some creativity, you can design a space truly your own. How?

Give your work-study nook a personal touch, a productive ambiance and a relaxing feel. Since you will be sitting down for an extended time, choose the most appropriate chair to sit on (or improvise one).

Place your favorite mug within reach, display a photo of your pet or loved one on your desk or shelf, have a fluffy pillow as a backrest or light an aromatic candle.

Coach Alice‘s work-writing nook is filled with photos of family and pets

Keep within reach your work-study essentials that may include stationery supplies (pencils, pens, clips, stapler), drinking water bottle and snacks, and your electronic chargers. Having these nearby keeps you from leaving your space in the middle of work. It also saves time from wandering around, looking for items, and getting distracted; hence, promoting more productive hours.

All supplies are within reach in our 2020 LET reviewee Lyn Manzon’s corner
A cozy teaching-webinar nook by our alumni Elaine Lachica Maspiñas. Most items are within reach anytime and are arranged to encourage relaxing breaks for this new mom

With the above tips, you can surely adapt to your work-study from home environment, lessen daily stresses, and even sprinkle your tasks with personal delights.

Enjoy your very own work-study nook!

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