How to Choose the Best LET Review Center

First of all, check whether the review center is duly registered as a business organization under Philippine laws. This gives you the guarantee that you are dealing with a legitimate company that will not just lure you to enroll or join their group for selfish gains. This is particularly a critical check that you need to do as you search for a review center during this pandemic when a lot of online review centers are mushrooming overnight. You are making an investment of money and time, so be choosy.

After narrowing down your choices, make sure you look for these key elements.

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1. Good credibility and track record in past exams

A high historical passing rate of a review center indicates credibility of the organization and effectiveness of the coaches, materials, methods, and mind-setting used during LET preparation.

The number of topnotchers produced is a plus factor.

Favorable social media and word-of-mouth testimonials from LET passers, their families and friends would best capture overall satisfaction ratings. Ask your school mates or friends about their LET coaching experience and review center quality.

2. Competent and Caring Coaches

Meet RevYOU Hub’s coaches.

The best review center should have a list of their coaches and their credentials that you may verify through online search. Choose a review center where coaches are experienced in LET coaching, come from the top universities, LET topnotchers and high raters, and professional teachers who have good academic records and expertise in the topics that they will handle.

3. Relevant, up-to-date, and high quality LET Materials

Go to a review center that regularly creates its own package of comprehensive reviewers, notes on essential topics, and practice test items that mimic the actual LET. Borrowing old reviewers from friends who already took the LET and passed is not an efficient way to review since there is no assurance that the content you have on hand have not been superseded with a more updated one.

4. Comprehensive review, authentic preparation and fun classes

Does the review center give a diagnostic test to identify your strengths and weaknesses before the onset of the review? This will give you and your coaches a rough idea on what to focus on in the sessions.

Is self-review an option to you? Enrolling in a review center instead of self-reviewing benefits you since an established review center with good coaches can guide you through your LET preparation step-by-step, sequentially, in winning ways that they went through during their own LET journeys. This relieves you of worrying about where to start, what to do next, and when you are ready for the exams.

Is it enough to just answer practice test items and answer them with a coach? Short lecturettes with time for question-answer sessions have been a “best practice” of high performing LET review centers. Having a coach who can refresh a reviewee’s stock knowledge, simplify new learnings, and give LET tips in the course of a short lecture ~ facilitates the review process.

How would you like to go home after your review? The best review centers make sessions alive, interesting, motivating, and fun. Isn’t this the way to remember lessons better?

5. Regular feedback on LET readiness through LET simulation tests

Experiencing LET look-alike tests in the course of the review allows reviewees to gauge their preparedness, learn from mistakes, develop time management skills, promote confidence, and manage possible stresses during LET day.

Choose a review center that gives summative tests for General Education/Professional Education and Specialization parts of the LET or at least one full LET mock or simulation a few weeks before the actual LET day.  

6. Authentic LET preparation

Passing the LET is not all about mastery and application of knowledge.

Choose a review center that can brace you for total personal readiness for the LET day by helping you polish your skills on:

  • Answering multiple-choice type items
  • Completing all LET items and being able to review your answers within time limits
  • Testmanship or making intelligent guesses when you encounter an item where options seem all correct/wrong, badly worded or has typos.
  • Personal development, like keeping fit and healthy, managing stress and emotions, test anxiety, building self-confidence, and enhancing metacognition and memory recall

7. Conducive, collaborative, and cooperative environment

The best review center has real people in its organization who answer your inquiries (after a chatbot runs out of script), tries to respond to pertinent messages, greet you warmly, accept and respect you as you are, care for you in your LET success journey as if you are “family” and sends you off on the LET day with prayers. Review centers that weave a positive bond among coaches-reviewees-management and foster a cooperative spirit among aspiring teachers have proven to perform well. Most reviewees are empowered with personal touches which make their LET journey memorable.

8.  Flexibility in LET review options

Established LET review centers with proven experience in coaching would give you options to enroll either in a blended LET review group class or a self-review online platform.  This would account for  diverse preferences: attend group synchronous classes with a coach or solely manage you own review process. In either case, consider the above key factors.

9. Reasonable price

Invest your money in a review center which meets all or most of the above requirements. Never choose a review package because it is cheap nor deject one because it is high-priced. The advent of the pandemic has bred a lot of cheap online (even supposedly free ones) and fly-by-night review centers; beware. Remember that you are aiming to pass the LET for a better future for yourself and your family.

As aspiring professional teacher, choosing a LET review center is making a life choice. 

Remember the 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes

“You must make a choice (for the best review center)

to take a chance (in passing/topping the LET)

or your life will never change (for the betterment of your future).”

What you get in joining RevYOU Hub 🙂

1. Good credibility and track record in past exams.RevYou Hub through MindGym has had a passing rate ranging from 85%-95% for first-time LET takers.

RevYou Hub operated for over 10 years under the name MindGym Philippines and evolved from a center with less than 10 enrollees (2009) to less than a thousand, before inevitable corporate management changes were effected in 2019. RevYou Hub is owned by the MindGym family.
2. Competent and Caring CoachesWe have a pool of seasoned LPTs who are not only proficient in their subject coverages but have proven characteristics of effective coaches: going the extra mile, teaching from the heart, and constantly improving through lifelong learning.
3. Relevant, up-to-date, and high quality LET MaterialsWe updated our power workbooks to account for past years’ changes in the LET. These materials have been prepared by a team of our coach-writers.
4. Comprehensive review, authentic preparation and fun classesRevYou Hub’s SLX (Super Blended Distance Learning Experience) was born out of the new needs of reviewees and coaches during these pandemic times, mainly the need for physical distancing. The face-to-face interactions have been replaced by asynchronous Zoom meetings seeking to resemble the relationships between coach-reviewee and reviewee-reviewee or that feeling of belonging to a team of winners ~ which added a push to one’s passing the LET.
5. Regular feedbackAfter the diagnostics and coaching, RevYou Hub enrollees are subjected to Module or post tests (GenEd/ProfEd/Specialization) and when the entire coaching course has been delivered, LET aspirants go through a 3-day final coaching before LET.
6. Authentic LET preparationThe extra extra skills developed in the course of RevYou Hub’s LET coaching ways include the development, to the extent feasible, of all of the above.
7. Conducive, collaborative, and cooperative environmentAs a family-run enterprise, the review center espouses shared “family of teacher” values where cooperation over competition is a convention.
8. Flexibility in LET review optionsBefore the pandemic, through the MyReviewCoach online platform powered by then MindGym Inc, best practices for online self-review has been gathered. Such have been regarded in the current design of the blended LET experience and self-review options of RevYou Hub.
9. Reasonable priceBesides our quality materials program is ALL-IN. No hidden nor extra fees.

We hope that this has been an eye-opener! If you or a loved one are looking for a LET coaching program, feel free to join the RevYOU family.

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